Matt Salley
Studio Owner and Manager
Matt Salley, is driven to work and manipulate molten glass into functional and artful glassware because he is completely fascinated by the medium. Migrating south from Michigan, Matt lived in the “Glass City” of Toledo, OH, for a few years, which began his interest in glass. Later he settled with his mother in Tennessee. In 1992, Matt began work under Knoxville glass artist Connie Christopher, learning the basics of hot glass and the glass business. He then went on to attend a number of hot glass sessions at Penland School for Crafts in North Carolina. Soon after, he went on to apprentice with renowned Knoxville glass artist, Richard Jolley, for a short period of time. In 1998 he fired up his own studio experimenting with the many forms of cold, warm and hot glass. In 2008 the studio morphed into Marble City Glassworks, a studio that continues to be an outlet to the beauty of hot glass for the community and beyond.