Student gather's glass
Student gather’s glass

These are private lessons with your choice of one or two people. The classes are scheduled based on your availability,  allowing you to come when you like as often as you want. 

Classes involve a guided orientation and demonstration of how hot glass behaves. Students will first make a paperweight and then depending on aptitude can progress to a vessel.

All glass and tools will be provided. The student will be able to keep all work produced once it has gone through the post production process.

Please click here to go to our scheduling system, 
Then, select the session you wish and click on the day you would like to come.

Please keep in mind this is hot work. You should book appointments in the morning or after 6 PM in the summer.

If you would like to buy a class as a gift or prepay, click here. 

Glass Class Pricing

Single student, pay as you go – $50 an hour, 2 hour minimum = $100
Two student, pay as you go – $70 an hour, 2 hour minimum = $140

4 weeks of glass:
Buy your classes ahead of time, save some money and enjoy a steady pace of learning. Four week class is 8 hours of instruction for 2 hours a week for 4 weeks.
This includes: 4 two hour classes tailored to your skill level, whether its paper weights or goblets.
1 student class for 4 weeks pricing is 8 hours x $50 = $400 – $10 a class is $40 off = $320.
2 student class  for 4 weeks  pricing  is 8 hours x $70 = $560 – $10 a class is $40 off = $480.

Also available, 2 day weekend concentrations, Saturday & Sunday. 8 hours of glass, 4 hours each day. The same pricing as a 4 week class, just all in one weekend. $320 and $480.

Glassblowing Classes in Knoxville, TN
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