FBHotfernace1                     Everyone is invited to come watch and children of all ages are welcome to participate. Please make a reservation for each ornament here: http://www.marblecityglassworks.com/stu…/event-registration/
You get to design, and create a piece of glass art that you will always cherish. Each experience takes approximately 20 minutes.

Pricing per item:
Pulled Flower $40.00
Ornament: $45.00
Pumpkin: $55.00
Bowl: $65.00
The glass must cool down slowly. We will make arrangements with you to pick up your glass or have it mailed to you.
If you have 4 or more people in your group, you don’t have to wait for our open studios. Hop over and make an appointment in the studio calendar. http://www.marblecityglassworks.com/studio/group-session