Marble City Glassworks wants you to come find out what the glassblowing is all about!

We will introduce you to the world of hot glass. Learn from an instructor the tools and techniques used in creating handmade glass. We will concentrate on safety and becoming comfortable with handling the glass. First, the student will learn the basics of forming glass by concentrating on producing paperweights. Also, in the students first class, there will be a collaborative piece made that will highlight the team aspect of blowing glass.

These are all private lessons with your choice of one or two people. The classes are scheduled based on your availability, allowing you to come in when you like as often as you want.

All glass and tools will be provided. The student will be able to keep all work produced once it has gone through the post production process.

Click here for all the information and registration.

Hot Glass Classes in Knoxville, TN.
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